5 Reasons Eyelash Extensions Are Meant for You

From mascara and kajal to false stick-on lashes to semi-permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash beauty has revolutionized in quite a short time. Your eyelashes can flatter the look of your eyes, so many women have already hopped onto the bandwagon of eyelash extension treatment.

What are eyelash extensions? How are they applied?

Eyelash extension is a cosmetic makeup application done to give your eyelashes a fuller and longer look. The artificial lashes are mostly made of human hair but also come in synthetic materials like silk.

If you haven't already seen all those YouTube videos about eyelash applications, here's how it is done: Individual artificial hair is attached to the natural eyelash with a medical-grade adhesive. Sure, this takes quite some time as they do it one by one, especially if the client is going for a dramatic and fancy eyelash look, but it’s totally worth the final outcome.

If you want to get them, but aren't quite sure, this article will give you the inside scoop about the fabulous benefits you could be experiencing. Read on!

1. No More Mascara

Searching for the brand of mascara that could be "the one" for you can be time-consuming. They could either be too clumpy or not waterproof, too expensive or not the right shade. Finding the perfect balance is not a piece of cake.

Getting eyelash extensions can not only let you skip mascara, but also look all natural.

Woman with Eyelash Extensions

2. Skip Being Late

Running late, having to put on mascara and use an eyelash curler is not a good combination. The frequent stab-your-eye-with-wand situation is not only hurtful, but you might end up having to do it all over again due to smudging.

With extensions, you can just skip right over this step!

3. Glam Up 24/7!

Having pretty eyelashes can make you gorgeous and girly, even without makeup. Now, you can look glam while going out, staying in, and waking up in the morning!

4. Enhance Your Eyes

Sumptuous lashes can enhance your eye shape and give dimension to your face. Your eyes will look stunning even if they get wet due to sweat or tears. So you can walk out of the gym looking fabulous. Also, zero mascara smudges!

5. Confidence Booster

With youthful-looking, flamboyant eyes, you will naturally look and feel better. Also, you can expect a few compliments, bound to boost your confidence. You can look effortlessly pretty, and when you look great, you feel great!

Don't let fear stop you from getting a pair of glamorous eyelashes.

Book an appointment at Pink Is In Salon and enjoy the wonderful changes in your face and mind. (If you already have lash extensions, you can even get a free touch-up.)

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Written by Chelsea Muller

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