A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Eyeshadow

I'm sure we've all heard popular quotes like, "Your eyes are windows to your soul," or "Your eyes speak more than your mouth can". Clearly, our eyes seem to be the first thing people notice about our faces. So, you might as well make your first impression your best!

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product primarily used around the eye and on the eyelid, to enhance its shape and appeal. They can make your eyes pop more than they already do, giving your face more definition and color. If you are looking forward to learning the skill of playing with colors and beautifying your eyes, I've got you covered. Read on for a complete guide to eyeshadow.

Know your eyes

Everybody has a unique eye shape and color that adds to their persona. Eyes come in all shapes and sizes, like monolid eyes, upturned eyes, round eyes, downturned eyes, almond eyes, and hooded eyes, but they all have a similar structure:

  • The skin fold that is created when you open your eyes is called your eye crease.
  • The region right above your eyelashes is called the upper lash line.
  • The part near your tear duct is called your inner corner and the part on the opposite end of the eye is called the outer V.
  • The space right below the arch of your eyebrow is called brow bone.
  • The space below your lower lashes is called the lower lashline.
  • The moist region right above the lower lashes is called the waterline.

Know your colors

Everyone has a different skin tone. What suits someone else may not do much for you. It is always best to choose your eyeshadow shade based on your skin's undertone.

What is an undertone, you ask? Irrespective of your complexion, your skin may have a hue of yellow, ashen, or pink in it. This hue is your undertone.

If you have a yellow or golden hue, your undertone is "warm" and if you have a blue or pink hue, your undertone is "cool."

If you don't see a hue of any sort, you can be considered a neutral undertone.

As a warm undertone, you should choose warm and bright colors like goldens, yellows, oranges, and reds. As a cool undertone, you can opt for cool colors, like blues, greens, and purple!  However, if you have a neutral undertone, you can enjoy the privilege to experiment with warm and cool tones.

Woman with Pink Hair and Blue Eyeshadow

Now that we are familiar with the basics, let us get to eyeshadow-ing!

The procedure

Step 1 - Prime up

Before you begin with the artsy part, you must always prime your eyelids to help the makeup set better. Just like how a primer gets your face ready for the makeup, it can create a smooth skin texture on your eyelids for easy application.

If you don't own a primer, a concealer can work too! It will make your eyelid color match the skin tone of your face and temporarily get rid of any dark circles or pigmentation.

Step 2 - Create a base with a base shadow

Use your makeup brush and swipe across a base eyeshadow of your choice, using it on your eyelid, just below the crease. The base color can be any light nude shade or a blushy pink.

This will prevent your eye makeup from forming creases and also help make your eyelid brighter.

Step 3 - Give your crease some definition

Take a slightly darker shade of the base eyeshadow with a soft fluffy makeup brush. Gently wipe it across your crease back and forth without creating any patchiness. If you don't have a makeup brush, you can always use your bare finger and gently press it across the said region.

If you are loving the drama of the look you can step it up a notch by layering the outer part with a darker eyeshadow shade. Once you are done with that, blend it all up with a clean brush (or a clean finger) to ease the colors together. This step contours your eye giving it a sharply defined look.

Step 4 - Light it up

This is the best part of the whole eyeshadow session. Highlighter! Use a light highlighter shade on your brow bone and inner corner to add an extra sparkle to your eye. It also complements the darker shades of the eyeshadow well, leaving you looking fabulous.

Step 5 - Dress it up

If the occasion requires more glam, you can go for a shimmery eyeshadow. Add some shimmery eyeshadow in a lighter shade of your crease shadow and gently dab it in the middle portion of your eyelid. It can instantly dress up your look just like a highlighter can.

Step 6 - Finish the look

For the complete eye look, you can use eyeliner to darken your upper lash line. Again, don't be afraid to lengthen the wing if you are going all out.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and darken them with some waterproof mascara. If your eyelashes are not very long to begin with, false eyelashes can be used too! They are super easy to glue on and take off. You can get your false eyelashes, eyeshadow and eyeliner from our shop, here at Pink Is In.

However, don't go overboard with the eyelashes, as it may overshadow your efforts on the eyeshadow. You should maintain the balance between all the attributes of your eye makeup so that it can look effortless and flattering at the same time.

Once you are done with the rest of your face, you are good to go and rock your day out!

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Written by Chelsea Muller

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