How Did the Art of Threading Begin?

Who doesn’t love a pair of perfectly shaped brows? If you do, you must be familiar with the popular eyebrow shaping technique, threading.

What is threading?

Threading is a beauty technique where a thin cotton thread is twisted into a lasso and pulled across unwanted facial hair to get rid of them. This method was used only on the face as the hair is thin and fine.

You could say this technique falls mid-way between waxing and tweezing. It removes hair right from the follicles as does tweezing, but takes less time and causes less discomfort. It is also more precise than waxing and you can easily aim for the desired shaping without any hassle. This was particularly a treat for owners of sensitive skin as it did not cause allergies or rashes, like waxing does.

How did eyebrow threading spread to the west?

For many years, especially in the US, this method of facial hair removal seemed unrealistic and weird. Understandably, most people did not comprehend how a cotton thread could do the work of a razor blade.

As a result, westerners stuck to their usual regimes of waxing, shaving, and tweezing to remove their peach fuzz.

Luckily, this unique technique was passed on by the easterners and eventually accepted as an effective and quick method of hair removal in the west. It took a while, but they finally realized what they were missing out on!

Woman Getting Professional Eyebrow Threading at Beauty Salon

Threading was believed to have begun around 6,000 years ago by eastern countries like India and China. They used it to create defined eyebrow shapes and enhance one's facial features. They were shaped to highlight an individual's best features and diminish their flaws.

It's crazy how much the eyebrow shape of a person could determine their apparent facial build. Raised and thin eyebrows can give you a defined 'I-am-probably-a-CEO' look, and straight and slightly thick eyebrows can give you a chill 'girl-next-door' look. Round eyebrows can soften angular faces while middle-arched eyebrows can give you an 'I-am-constantly-surprised' look.

This art form was also part of an age-old tradition in Persia. Persian women performed this technique to signify that they were coming of age. It is still used as a symbol of womanhood in some parts of Asia.

How is threading done?

This unique beauty hack could be done with the hand method or the mouth method, wherein a professional holds the thread with the mouth and tweezes hair off row by row.

You might be thinking that threading is quite simple, and you could just wing it at home with a cotton thread. That's not entirely true, because this service needs skill and accuracy to give you precise-looking eyebrows. It’s best to get it done by a professional in a salon! It’s also cost-effective, takes not more than a few minutes, and you are less likely to end up with uneven eyebrows.

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Written by Chelsea Muller

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