How to Minimalize your Beauty Routine While Traveling?

 While on vacation, your daily skincare regimen is disrupted. Additionally, you are exposed to a variety of environmental and meteorological circumstances. Besides, you're likely to consume a variety of cuisines, including fast food and street food. However, all of these things may influence your skin when traveling. That is why, even if you are on holiday, you should not put things on hold.

Contour Makeup Is What It Is.

While the advantages of contouring are numerous, you may be asking what makes contouring precise. Contour makeup assists in defining and enhancing particular facial characteristics, such as higher cheekbones, a more defined chin or jaw, or a narrower bridge or sides of the nose. Instead of your regular foundation, which should be the same color as your natural skin, contouring combines lighter and darker hues to create shadow and light on your facial features.

Additionally, contouring is an excellent way to include cosmetic products into your regimen, as you may already have them on hand. By doing more with less, you can maintain an efficient, practical, and fuss-free makeup regimen that results in a beautiful, natural appearance.

When contouring initially gained popularity among professional makeup artists, celebrities, and influencers, the emphasis was on a much more chiseled, unnatural-looking contouring technique. It lacked the more natural sculpting approach that has grown in popularity in respect to need for respect and authenticity in the society.

What are the Required Contouring Products?

The best part about contouring your makeup is that you almost certainly already own all the needed equipment to define your favorite features.

While you may purchase contouring makeup products such as powders and creams, you can also master contouring your makeup with your favorite foundation, bronzer, and highlighter.

Things to know during your contour cosmetics selection.

• To begin, your bronzer is a couple of shades deeper than your natural skin tone, while your highlighter should be a couple of shades lighter.

• You don't want your contour cosmetics to be the same hue as your skin since this would eliminate the potential to emphasize or conceal specific facial features and provide dimension. However, your makeup regimen will remain simple while drawing attention to your most remarkable features with a contoured makeup look.

• Trying new cosmetic methods may be challenging, but our team at Pinkisin has compiled our best how-to guide for contouring with practical, easy-to-follow instructions. We're here to teach you to look and feel your best without complicating your beauty routine!

How To Master Contouring Makeup In Six Easy Steps?

1. Prepare Your Foundation: To begin, prepare your face for contouring by creating a blank canvas. Remove any remaining makeup and gently cleanse your face if you haven't done it. Pat dry your face and exfoliate only when your beauty routine calls for it to eliminate any dead skin build-up. Then, as standard, apply your skincare products. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen! This phase ensures that the contour has a smooth, clean finish.

2. Utilize Your Favorite Foundation: The beauty industry's opinions vary on using your regular go-to foundation before or after contouring. However, it is preferable to utilize your usual foundation formula in your skin tone to ensure that your complexion is evened out and you have a beautiful foundation upon which to contour.

Apply concealer as well, if necessary, particularly around the eyes, to create a perfect foundation layer.

3. Create a Strategy: After applying your standard foundation color and concealer, if required, it's advisable to create a strategy for highlighting and softening certain parts of the face. The jawline, the nose, the top of your cheekbones or cheek hollows, and the temple area are a few of the most shared places.

Additionally, you can contour along your hairline. If you're still unclear about which style is best for your face shape, don't worry! Rather than that, explore and try various approaches to determine what you enjoy.

Each face and skin are unique, and you should do whatever makes you look and feel your best!

4. Use a Bronzer or a Foundation Color in a Contour Shade: It is preferable to choose a bronzer or foundation hue darker than your actual skin tone. The darker colors will assist in detracting attention away from areas that you do not like to accentuate. Perhaps you desire more defined cheekbones or a softer nose. Utilize a darker foundation or bronzer on parts of your face that are naturally shaded by the sun.

There are many parts on your face which you need to take note:

• Between your brows

• Along your nose's sides

• At the angle of the cheek

• Between the jaws

Your skin type and facial shape will aid you in determining which regions to target in this stage. Bear in concentration that little is more once it comes to bronzer and deeper foundation tones.

5. Use a Highlighter or a Foundation Color in a lighter shade: Highlight your preferred face regions using a highlighter or a brighter foundation tone. Highlighting enhances the face parts that naturally receive light, such as the nose, cupid's bow, brow bone, cheekbones, and forehead.

Highlighting is necessary for contouring because it draws attention to your inherent beauty and provides your contour with an effortlessly luminous and perfect appearance.

6. Blend Thoroughly: Sweep your blending brush and makeup sponge back and forth softly to give your whole look a perfect, even appearance. Mix well but gently. It is not essential to be harsh with your brush or sponge or apply excessive pressure.

We will provide suggestions for maintaining your skincare routine when traveling to different regions.

• Hand towel to wipe the face: The best alternative is to bring pre-moistened face wipes or makeup removal towelettes, in case you don’t bring facial cleanser. You may place them in a zip lock bag and carry them with you everywhere you go when traveling. You can always clean your face in a vehicle, bus, airline, or lounging on the beach because facial wipes and towelettes are convenient.

• A facial mist spray should be brought by everyone who travels. This will ensure that your skin remains moisturized and rejuvenated during your journey. This is beneficial regardless of whether you live in a hot or cold area since it may give moisture to your skin and keep it feeling fresh all day.

• Do not forget your facial cleanser: After a long day of travel, remember to wash and wash your face with a facial cleanser. After a day of non-stop adventure, it ensures that your skin is free of pollution, grime, and pollutants.

• Bring a moisturizer: Bringing a decent moisturizer with you will help you preserve the health of your skin, especially if you're traveling to locations with varying temperatures. Besides hydrating the skin, it also helps prevent acne and other skin problems. Therefore, before boarding your aircraft and following a long day of travel and adventure, don’t forget to hydrate your body as a result of the intense heat from the sun.

• SPF is a must-have while traveling: this is one of the skincare items you should not forget. Bringing a decent sunscreen with you goes toward caring for your skin and preserving its attractiveness.

• Avoid touching your face frequently: One of the reasons individuals get breakouts is because they often feel their face. While traveling, you may come into contact with or pick up some unknown germs that can cause various skin problems. You should adhere to this guideline completely while out and about. Always wash your hands before leaving the house, or bring an antibacterial hand sanitizer.

• Reduce your makeup: Reduce your makeup as much as possible when flying. When traveling, it's best to stick to your daily SPF, lipstick, and day cream to allow your skin to breathe. Weather changes and the site's ambiance might cause your skin to break out.

• Have an eye cream: If you're the sort of person constantly battling puffiness beneath the eyes, you must bring an eye cream. If you forget, you can use crushed ice wrapped in a clean towel to apply to your eyes while performing your nighttime skincare routine. This will quickly revitalize your eyes.

• Bring some sheet masks: Sheet masks are lightweight and take up no more room in your suitcase. Sheet masks are beneficial to the skin and can serve as an excellent substitute for specific creams and serums that you would miss while traveling.

• Always strive to get a decent night's sleep: Not getting enough sleep may also harm your skin, making it more prone to problems. That is why, wherever feasible, aim to get a decent night's sleep when traveling, even more so if you want to appear your best in holiday photos.


Shadow and light are created on your face via contouring. A simple, fuss-free makeup routine may be achieved by doing more with less—simple Steps To Master Contouring Makeup.

The nose, cupid's bow, brow bone, cheeks, and forehead are highlighted. Reminisce to shower and cleanse your face after a long day of travel. Always wash your hands or bring antibacterial hand sanitizer. Insufficient sleep may also affect your skin, leaving it more prone to disorders.

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