How to Wear a Perfect Lip

Lipstick has been the most used makeup product for ages. It could either make or break a look and is enough to create a statement.

This might not be a popular opinion, but there is a way to apply lipstick like a pro. You could be using your best and most expensive lip shade, but if you don't do it right, it might not look the way it should. 

Here are five steps to nail the perfect lip while avoiding lipstick-stained teeth and fading!

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1. Pre-lipstick prep

Some of us give too much attention to our skincare while forgetting that our lips need care too. I'm sure nobody is a fan of matte lipsticks cracking up on chapped lips! 

Lip scrubs and lip masks are always a must in your skincare routine to exfoliate and hydrate your lips. You don't always have to get a lip scrub from the market - you can DIY one too. This will prevent your lips from getting dry and dull and turn it into the perfect canvas to paint in your colors. 

For hydration, you can use any colorless lip balm or chap stick.

2. Base it

If your lips are slightly pigmented, it can be hard for bright colors to show through. So, applying a base is crucial. Put on a coat of concealer on your lips and apply some compact on top. It creates a protective barrier to avoid the lipstick from sinking into your lips. This also makes your lip shade cling on easy and lasts longer!

3. Line it

Makeup artists highly recommend lining your lips with the same shade (or a darker shade) as your lipstick. 

Use a sharpened lip liner and begin lining from your Cupid's bow towards the edges. Do the same on the bottom lip and fill in with the lip liner. 

You can also improvise if you want your lips to look thicker. Draw directly outside your lip line to achieve the signature Kylie Jenner pout and color in. However, don't go overboard with it to avoid looking unnatural. 

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4. Apply your lipstick

Once you are done with the prep steps, put on your lip shade carefully by dipping a flat brush into your lipstick. Begin painting from your Cupid's bow and work your way towards the corners. Repeat the same on your bottom lip, starting from the center and ending up at the edges. Make sure you color it on the lip liner and don't miss out on any nook and corner. If you do mess up, you can touch up using a concealer. You can add a few more coats if you want your lip to look bolder. 

If you use a liquid lipstick that comes with an applicator, you can use that directly as long as you are precise with it. Finish it with one coat, to avoid any flaking.

Woman with Beautiful Lipstick

5. Blot it

If your liquid lipstick does not dry up quickly, use some tissue to blot the excess makeup. Gently squeeze your lips together, and you are good to go! 

Have fun painting with gorgeous colors, and don't forget to check out our beautiful lipsticks available here at Pink Is In.

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How to Wear the Perfect Lipstick How to Wear the Perfect Lipstick

Written by Chelsea Muller

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