Introducing Pink Is In: Luxury Health, Beauty and Wellness Products

Experience a full spa in the comfort of your own home - with quality you can trust. Not those cheap products, but ones you look forward to using every single day.

Here at Pink Is In, we specialize in natural beauty processes, wellness, health and hospitality. As the owners of Pink Is In Salon, a luxurious spa in the Chicago area, we know how to make you feel beautiful and pampered.

And in this case, you can get to the point of rejuvenation and relaxation right from home.

If you're looking to uplevel your self-care or at-home wellness routine, or if you’re passionate about looking great, feeling great and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place!


You can count on us to welcome you into a community that encourages empowerment and healthy living every day of the year.

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Why choose our products for your body?

You care about yourself, your skin and your health.

You want to put only the safest products on your skin and in your hair, and you want to find reliable brands you can trust (and come back to) time and again.

When you shop at Pink Is In, you'll receive only the best quality products, best beauty tips and best support around. You found us, and now you're part of our family.

Apart from enjoying your favorite self-care items, you can also discover unique tips on our beauty blog.

Thanks for your support. We can't wait to deliver awesome new gifts right to your doorstep.

Leave a comment and say hello! We're happy to see you on our blog.

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