Skincare/haircare tips for people who work outside every day

Working outdoors means being exposed to the sun for longer than usual. For this reason, it is advisable to follow a series of recommendations and tips to take care of the skin and hair before and after work. Do not forget that the effects of  UV rays can be harmful to your health.

Self care before the exposure

The sun is the source of life. However, remaining exposed to solar action can have serious consequences if measures are not taken to be protected. Keep in mind that solar radiation affects the skin throughout the year.

Many professions require being exposed to the sun throughout the day. This situation results in a high risk for normal skin care. Burns, erosions, dehydration, patches, itching, and other skin conditions are just some of the consequences of not taking good care of your skin.

It is important that, in the face of these activities that force us to spend hours under the sun's action, prior precautions are taken to minimize the risks. The most advisable is to use a good sunscreen. The application of this product before exposing ourselves to the sun will minimize the incidence of UV rays. This translates into a layer of protection that will benefit our skin in such adverse circumstances.

It is important to choose the most suitable sun cream for the type of skin we have. In this way, we can prepare ourselves with the most suitable protection factor to prevent our skin from being damaged.

For your hair, it is advisable to tie it up and secure it with some hair protect spray. If the sun is too strong, style your outfit with a bucket hat or a handy cap.

Self care after the exposure

The activities that must be performed after a long day outdoors are just as crucial as the previous preparations. For this reason, it is worth thinking of solutions for people who carry out work exposed to the sun throughout the day.

Let's see what the recommendations of skin care specialists are. The first thing, which has already become clear, is that we incorporate sunscreen with a protection factor into our previous routine.

However, this measure is not enough to maintain a good quality of our body. Therefore, another series of measures must be taken into consideration. On this occasion they should be carried out after all those hours working outdoors.

There are three main actions that contribute to the health of the skin, compared to solar action, being strengthened:

• Fresh water shower: It must be done after the end of the day. To be more effective, it is recommended that a gel with a neutral pH be used. In this way, self care will be more complete and the shower will be more comforting.

• Hydration: After the refreshing shower, which will be a break for the skin, it is the turn of hydration. A good after sun, a repairing serum or a specially indicated cream for your skin and hair. Its action will counteract the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Creams with essential oils, such as rosehip, and a serum enriched with vitamin C are the best allies for skin care.

• Avoid Exfoliation: Carrying out this type of activity is completely inadvisable after a day of work exposed to the sun. Extended time spent in the sun makes skin thinner, irritated, and dehydrated. An exfoliation under these conditions would only end up damaging the skin more.

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