Skincare tips for men

When skincare is mentioned, the first thing that first comes to your mind is whether it’s for women or ladies. It seems that skincare has been majorly directed at women.

Men's skin needs the same care as women, although men have traditionally paid less attention to it. Luckily, it is something that is now changing! Cold, dry air, solar radiation, or sweat are external factors that can damage the skin and to which must be added shaving which, although we may not realize it, is another form of aggression against the dermis.

Differences in skin nature for both men and women

Men's skin is different from women's, which is why they should not use the same products as women to take care of themselves. To keep their skin looking healthy, men need to follow a specific care routine.

Just like women, men also want their skin to look healthy for a long time and they too experience problems with sensitive skin, acne, and skin aging. However, the skin of a man is very different, both in its structure and its function. There are some clear differences between men's and women's skin which include: sebum content, PH level, and sweat production.

Men's facial skin is thicker and produces more sebum than women's, so daily facial cleansing is key to reducing it. Antiseptic gels and a gentle exfoliation once a week are ideal for combating skin impurities and softening beard hair, preparing the skin for a better shave, especially if you are one of the many men suffering from skin irritation. because of shaving.

Choose a shaving foam or gel and an aftershave lotion according to your skin type. And don't forget about your face; fast-absorbing moisturizers nourish and soothe skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Women's facial skin is thinner and more sensitive and tends to dry out more with age. Therefore, as female skin matures, it demands more nourishing textures that rebalance its optimal level of hydration.

In the case of women, the "problem" areas are around the eyes and lips, where there is a higher proclivity for wrinkles to emerge with age. Facial creams for men enriched with ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C help reduce wrinkles and fight age.

The Uniqueness of men’s skin

Men's skin is regulated mainly by the hormone known as testosterone, which influences the structure and thickness of the skin, up to 15-20% thicker, to be different from that of women. Men's skin contains more collagen fibers and appears firmer and more robust.

Collagen is the skin's greatest reservoir of moisture, giving it flexibility and firmness. These natural water reserves influence the appearance of wrinkles and that is why, in general, men do not show the first signs of aging until their mid-thirties. Therefore, taking this into account, it is logical that men's skincare products should be specific.

Many feminine care products are inappropriate for men's care and even have the opposite effect. The man's skin is different in construction and structure, and therefore needs specific care that meets his needs of him. Find out which products you can share with your partner and which ones are better not.

Because of the male hormone testosterone, the sebaceous glands secrete much more oil which however could lead to blemish in young women. For this reason, men should use specific creams for them with specific formulas and textures, lighter, for the care of their skin. To care for the skin on their face, men generally need very light creams like Pink Is In products.

What can we do to take care of men's skin?

• Hydration: The first thing you must ensure is that the skin is properly hydrated to prevent it from appearing dry and losing elasticity. Ideally, applying a specific moisturizer in the morning to the most exposed areas (face, hands, neck) will prove highly effective.

• Sun protection: We know the feeling: the sun comes out and with it the desire to go out on the terrace, and practice sports in the open air. However, many men believe that the sun cannot damage their robust skin, when in fact it is not.

Men's skin is also impacted by the sun, and if not protected, it can cause premature aging, wrinkle proliferation, depending on the frequency and intensity of exposure, and cause pigmentation problems (spots) over time. Therefore, applying sunscreen is also mandatory for men, without forgetting the ears, neck, and scalp for men who are bald or have little hair.

In addition, you should not wait for the arrival of summer to use sunscreen. Whenever your skin is going to be exposed to the sun, you must use them, recommending the daily application of a sun protection cream on the face before going outside.

• Shaving: Regular shaving causes stress on men's skin! Wet shaving removes the top layer of the skin, making it more prone to irritation, therefore using the proper cream is essential. Even if you shave using a machine, you should use an aftershave lotion to help rejuvenate your skin after shaving. The lotion mustn't contain alcohol, as this would irritate the skin even more.

• Beards: Specific washing shampoos and lotions, as well as oils and balms to strengthen facial hair growth and moisturize the skin, are recommended to keep the skin beneath the beard clean and nourished. It is also advisable to use a softener or conditioner after washing.

• Hygiene: It is important to keep the skin clean, but without forgetting that the use of aggressive soaps can damage it. It is recommended to use neutral pH cleansing gels to avoid dehydration of the skin.

• Recovery: At the end of the day your skin will show signs of fatigue. To help restore its optimal state, you can use firming creams or tonics, applying them at night before going to bed.

• Dark circles: One of the most common concerns in men is the appearance of bags or dark circles under the eyes. Certain products can help prevent or decrease its appearance.

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