Wedding Makeup in Different Parts of the World

Weddings are one of the most propitious occasions in one's life. It's the day when two people unite together to form a new family in the presence of all their relatives and dear ones.

On such an important day, brides always make sure they look their best. With the most elegant dress and eye-catching makeup, she is meant to be the center of attraction on the day.

Her whole beauty prep usually starts off weeks before the actual occasion. Facials, hair treatments, spa appointments, pedicures, and manicures are "must-dos" on the list.

But have you ever wondered about the bridal makeup rituals followed across the world? We all might have access to the same makeup products, but ultimately the bride’s final look depends on her cultural values.

Read further to know what matrimonial beauty looks like in various parts of the world.

Bride at Her Wedding

The United States of America

The US is slowly turning into a nation of many races and religions including white, black, African-American, Asian, and Hispanic people. As a result, we can see a lot of diversity in wedding culture. However, the standard is the classic white gown and minimal makeup duo.

Women usually go light on the dramatic colors and stick to matte and nude colors. They also prefer simple eye makeup, so that it matches the vibe of the elegant white gowns.

South Korea

In Korean bridal beauty, less is more, and they focus mainly on pastel shades. Elegance is the goal here, so they minimize exaggerated makeup and steer towards dewy and glowy looks.

After the wedding, a traditional ceremony called paebaek is held by the family members. At the paebaek, Korean brides wear traditional wedding cloaks and paint a red spot on each cheek. It is said that it is a symbol that wards off evil and bad energies from the couple.


The bridal makeup style in Nigeria is usually a team of well-adorned eyes with bright eyeshadows and lip shades in earthy or burgundy tones. They also keep their eyebrows thick and well-shaped to give their face more definition.

All this glam is topped off with a large and elaborate traditional headwrap named gele.


In traditional Yemen weddings, there is a very evident liking towards silver headgears in bridal beauty. Sometimes, the lower half of the face is covered by a veil or jewelry, bringing all the attention to the eyes.

The eyes of the bride are deeply outlined in black kohl or kajal, making it look sharp and beautiful.

They also conduct henna parties, where the bride is decorated with ornate mehndi designs on her hands and feet.


India is a diverse country with over 18 unique wedding cultures and traditions. One thing common in all of them is the heavily beautified bride. Gold tones, deep reds, explosions of glitter, and heavy ornaments are the norm. It clearly is a “go big or go home” situation, and the gorgeous makeup combined with the ornamented attires and jewelry seal the look.

Indian Wedding Bride

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