Digital Cordless Jump Rope (Includes Full-Length Cord)

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With this digital cordless jump rope you can now exercise in the comfort of your own home without having to create extra noise of the rope whipping the ground. This space-saving workout equipment is simple to use, prevents tripping and is a fun way to continue your favorite fitness activity. No more excuses for skipping your daily movement ritual, great for all year round.

Also includes an adjustable-length cord for normal jump rope use, as well as weighted iron bars in the memory foam handles.


  • Features electronic timer/weight/calorie counter and jump counter
  • Swap out the short cordless ropes for a full length rope
  • 360 degree rotating short cords, anti-winding
  • Small iron bars are removable for the weighted handles
  • Material: PVC, memory foam, battery operated digital display
  • Choose from three color options
  • Size: Handles approx. 7.5" long x 1.2" diameter

Includes one (1) cordless jump rope (with two handles), small weighted bars to fit inside handles, and one full-length rope.