Exfoliating Aloe Vera Foot Mask - Pack of 5

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This exfoliating aloe vera foot mask will leave your feet feeling soft, smooth and refreshed after the very first use. The mask causes dead skin cells to peel off of your feet and rough heels for 5-7 days, ultimately revealing beautiful, spa-like results so that you can be proud of your feet.


  • How it works: Softens dead skin causing peeling, improves rough and dull skin, eliminates foot odors, leaves only a fresh new layer of skin
  • Includes aloe vera foot masks for a total of 5 uses
  • Peeling lasts for approx. 5-7 days; to speed up the process, soak your feet in warm water for the days to follow
  • Not for use on wounded or super sensitive skin

Includes five (5) packs for a total of five uses. (Each pack contains two masks - one for the right foot, one for the left.)