Face Mask Stick - 2 Pack (Green Tea and Eggplant)

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This face mask stick will leave your skin feeling hydrated, cleansed and extra clean. Removes blackheads, dirt and dead skin, while improving your skin's oil to water balance. 

Step up your skin care routine with this green tea or eggplant stick mask - simply apply to entire face or T area, leave for 10-15 mins and wash off to see the results. 

Details and Benefits:

  • Enjoy rejuvenated, refreshed skin and a clearer complexion
  • Removes blackheads and dirt, eliminates excess oil and grease, deep cleans, treats acne, tightens pores, smooths and brightens complexion
  • Includes mild and natural ingredients including green tea extract, eggplant fruit extract, vitamin E and glycerin
  • Green tea mask softens dead skin cells, clears dirt from pores, balances excess oil, replenishes moisture and nutrition, leaves skin feeling soft
  • Eggplant mask soothes acne-prone skin, absorbs excess oil, cleans dead skin cells, replenishes moisture and nutrients, leaves skins bright and smooth

Each face mask stick is approx. 3" x 1.4" in size. Includes two (2) face mask sticks.